Node.JS Startup Outsourcing

At Exclusive Software, we have an experienced team that can develop your Node.JS application. Using the full stack of Angular.JS, Express.JS, Socket.IO, Node.JS and your choice of database we can create that winning application for your online startup.

Being based in Australia you receive the benefit of communicating with people who have English as their first language. With no communication barriers we can deliver what you want the first time. You also get the benefit of the low exchange rate meaning we can develop your application for less.

So with the benefits of excellent communication, affordability and professionalism you had best contact us to get your application developed today.

Hourly Rate

US $80/hr

Example of Work

Exclusive Software aims to help the Node.JS community. To that end we have begun publishing packages onto NPM under the MIT licence. As an example of what we can do, check out our first package on NPM.

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